Menopause symptoms and its influence on mortality

By Samantha S. | Updated: Aug 02, 2016

menopause mortality

Review on February 04, 2010

Menopause symptoms such as memory lapses, incontinence and body odor occur in middle aged women as a result of changes in their body's chemical balance. A change in a hormonal balance can be exhibited by variety of physical and mental symptoms which can cause both pain and embarrassment to those suffering from them. Such symptoms are counteracted by artificial means in the form of hormone therapy, or by natural means in the form of phytoestrogenic herbs. Researchers have now sought to quantify the exact repercussions for menopausal women in regards mortality. Every person approaching later life carries with them specific dangers to their mortality, but due to the nature of some of the symptoms of menopause researchers have sought to take a closer look into mortality in this regard.

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The research for this study has been specifically tailored to monitor the risk of mortality for certain aspects in relation to older women who may be at differing stages of menopause. Such studies do exist but none have ever specifically focused on the significant impact of different factors. The study measured these factors along the lines of a multitude of demographics, some of which included: prevalent disease, medication use and lifestyle measures. A massive 62 individual factors were considered in the study and amongst them 19 were found to be significant contributors to mortality in women who may be suffering from menopause symptoms. Research found that these factors amongst menopausal women were modifiable, in that they could be discontinued by those tested. The most prominent in this regard was smoking and this danger was found to multiple in older women who may be suffering from menopause symptoms. Other none modifiable factors also weighed in heavily in mortality rates and such factors can be linked with the hormone therapy that is often used to treat menopause symptoms.

Despite finding some evidence in regards some of the harsher effects of menopause affecting the mortality rates in middle aged women, the most dangerous risk came from modifiable factors such as smoking and choices of diet. Women usually use natural remedies such as phytoestrogenic herbs or hormone therapy in order to treat such symptoms and these in themselves can contribute to mortality risk factors.

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